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Quantify Movement Disorders 
with a Gyroscope

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The New Standard for Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, & Physical Therapists - Portable
Motus System

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About Motus

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This Quick, Easy and Accurate Gyroscope System...

  • Quantifies Movement
  • Used in Deep Brain Stimulus (click here to see Tech Note # 23)
  • Assesses Parkinson's Disease 
             (Quantifies Bradykinesia, Dyskinesia & Tremor)
  • Monitors Efficacy of Drug Treatment for Movement Disorders
  • Characterizes Tremor
  • Measures Outcomes of Functional Neurosurgery 
  • Improves Diagnosis
  • Assists Human Motion Studies
  • Provides Objective Assessment of Rehabilitation

The Motus Movement Monitor is a new concept in measuring movement disorders that utilizes a unique miniature solid state gyroscope (not gravity sensitive accelerometers). 

It has been successfully used to quantify: tremor (resting, posture, kinetic), rapid pronation/supination of the hand, arm swing, lateral truncal sway, leg stride, spasticity (pendulum drop test), dyskinesia and alternating dystonia. 

The Motus gyros sense only rotational motion and are ideal for quantifying human movement since skeletal joints produce rotational motion. It is the only sensor that can directly measure this.

The Motus System employs custom software and an easily used Windows operating system. The sensor signal is processed by a portable computer-based system and data is presented on screen showing a real time strip chart, fast Fourier transform plot and other selected parameters including displacement and peak frequency. It is being used by neurologists, neurosurgeons, and research scientists both in the United States and internationally.


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