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Deep Brain Stimulus and Motus
Tech Note # 23

  • DBS (Deep Brain Stimulus) is a break-through medical procedure that allows neurologists and neurosurgeons to reduce tremor and other movement disorders associated with Parkinson's and Essential Tremor. Implanting the Medtronic's electrodes deep within the brain and then supplying a controlled electrical signal significantly reduces these unwanted symptoms.

  • The Motus Movement Monitor is used in: 1) selecting patients appropriate for the operation, 2) monitoring the patient responses during placement of the electrode, 3) tracking the patient after the operation and 4) adjusting the settings of the Medtronic's control module.

  • Not all patients with tremor or other movement disorders are suitable for the DBS procedure. The Motus systems assists the neurologist in the selection process by providing accurate quantification of the movement such as clearly documenting the tremor characteristics, the extent of bradykinesia (via pronation/supination recordings), and the prominent side of the disorder.

  • During the positioning of the electrode in the brain using microelectrode-guided mapping, the neurosurgeon chooses the location based on the results of sensorimotor mapping. The efficacy of the chosen location can be verified by the Motus measurements of tremor and pronation/supination rates in those cases where there is not a transient suppression of symptoms due to the acute effects of the surgery itself (the temporary "microlesion" effect).

  • After surgery, the Motus system is used to track the progress of the patient and to provide feedback to the physicians on the long-term results of their surgery. The quantitative data are a useful adjunct to the clinical scores enabling the appropriate treatment modifications.

  • When the patient returns for periodic readjustment of the Medtronic's "pacemaker", the Motus system is used to provide quantitative measurements of tremor and bradykinesia to assist in selecting the optimum stimulating electrode configuration and stimulation parameters.




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